Promotion Through Classified Ads

A classified ad is a cheap and best method of advertising which attracts customers when the punch line is too punchy. Classified ads are small in size and so cost just a fraction of any large print advertisement. The choice of time and placement is also dependent upon the advertiser as the advertiser wants to get maximum visibility out of minimum expenditure. These are generally short-lived ads.

The success and failure of any classified advertisement is dependent upon the designing of the ad which should hold a pull factor for itself.

For this purpose place your advertisement at a prominent place preferably and if all that space is occupied then look for second best place until you find a suitable place to place your ad in.

To promote your website install some direct classified advertisement which click on to give detailed information to the visitor.

Classified ads should be only promotional advertisement and a link to access to the relevant website. Visitors will only click when they find something exciting and an interesting on the cover of advertisement.

This is very necessary to think and then design an ad, taking into consideration all the possible pros and cons of the classified advertisement. Design the ad with an extra-pulling punch words, say FREE…, SAVE…, EARN…, FEEL…, RELAX…, etc. they create a position of their own amongst all other classified ads. Whenever a classified appears with a difference it attracts greater volume of visitors and these visitors can turn into desired customers within no time.

Sometimes it so happens that placing the classified advertisement on the other site gives better response. This creates a kind of link to your website. You can return the favor by either sharing a fraction of your profit or creating a relevant back-link to that particular site.

The classifieds always also give response through creation of attractive headlines and highlighting the first two words in capital. Promoting yourself through classified ads is also a technique, through which you place your advertisement amongst other classified ads is also important as it is cheap and yet impressive.

Give yourself a meaningful ad and place it at prominent position to make your ad a complete medium to promote yourself.

By: Sanjay Arora

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